Ward Meade Neighborhood Improvement Association

    It would be safe to say that the city of Topeka would not be what it is without the contributions of the Ward-Meade community. The focal point of this legacy is the Ward-Meade Park. From here, the settlement of what would later become Topeka took hold. Adding to the heritage of this great neighborhood is the laundry list of sites included in both the Kansas and National Register of Historic Structures: Hicks Block; John Sargent House; Sumner Elementary School; Ward-Meade Park; Hughes Conoco Service Station. As well as half of the current neighborhood contains the Original Town Site of 1859. These, along with other historical fixtures create senses of tradition and pride which  no other residential area within the Topeka city limits can compare.

    But to say that Ward-Meade is old-fashioned and indicative of days-gone-by is incorrect. The community itself is focused on progress and prosperity. Given the importance of Ward-Meade to the city, neighborhood policies have been supported by the local government which promote positive-thinking, bolstering of the local economy, and educating residents about crime prevention and environmental safety. By developing initiatives that provide an open forum for residents and business owners to discuss and debate allows the neighborhood to build synergy and camaraderie. Advertising for a variety of businesses to take up residence within the Ward-Meade district and supporting them regardless of bull-or-bear trends builds rapport and honor throughout the city. Communicating openly with city and county law enforcement officials provides a results-focused approach to problem-areas and how to prevent crime. And concentrating on our carbon footprint; constantly forming new ideas about how to be more eco-friendly and petitioning for city support to become the only "green" neighborhood in Shawnee County. As you can see, the borders of Ward-Meade are marked, but the boundaries are not!