"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." 
 Old Greek proverb             

New street light in the 400 Block of Taylor - 2016

Two dumpsters of trash leaves the neighborhood


Welcome to the website of the Ward-Meade Neighborhood Improvement Association (WM-NIA) of the City of Topeka (KS). The purpose of this site is to educate our residents about improvements being made within the neighborhood, as well as promote Ward-Meade heritage beyond our brick borders. Contained within this site are various avenues of awareness and discovery:

The About page is a condensed history of the Ward-Meade neighborhood.  There is basic information regarding the structures that Ward-Meade is known for.

The  is where all information regarding upcoming community gatherings and activities is presented. There is also information about general educational meetings and presentations throughout Topeka.

The Directory is where the phone numbers and email addresses of WM-NIA and City of Topeka personnel are located.

Gallery is our very own neighborhood photo album, displaying all of the activities that have taken place within the community.

The Resource Center is the file database that includes reference information that can assist you in home ownership, landscaping, or finance, etc.

Links contains shortcuts to various agencies and organizations to further educate and empower our residents to improve the community.

Empowerment Grant Projects in Ward Meade are projects that the neighborhood successfully wrote grants and were awarded the funds necessary  to complete these projects.

If you have any comments, concerns, photos, or announcements you would like posted, please send them to the Webmaster at: mailto:sheree@wardmeadenia.com

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